In USA, NSA is busy in spying citizens and buying, gagging, threatening or blackmailing them. Media is compromised as well. Scene is not very different from India. Deep State at work in both countries. Biden must come clean or resign.

An appeal to USA citizens, before you go to vote for 2022 Congress elections, ask your candidate about his/her view regarding Julian Assange, destabilizing world by CIA, Spying citizens using NSA and Deep state of USA.

I will invest Billions of dollars in Jharkhand. It will transform
state as developed state.All stakeholder of state will be benefitted,  including MLAs. So I request all JMM and Congress MLA to resist temptation given by BJP, and don’t get involved in toppling the  government.

Forcing two children per couple may be dangerous. In India, most couple want atleast a boy.If this rule is enacted, it may lead to killing more unborn female girl child. We have seen that when girls get formal education, her fertility rate declines.  So I am with @NitishKumar .