NOW, I am confident, that conspirators can not take away assets from me. It is matter of time, when I will get control of assets.  It also means, “Unification of world in one political entity: is for real. It is just matter of time.

Finished reading “कल्पना टॉकीज” in one seating. Book is written by a BIT Sindri Alumni , Umesh Prasad Sah . He has narrated his life at BIT Sindri. I can relate to many characters in my batch as well. It was as a pleasant reading. Must read for all Engineers who have studied Engineering in hostel life in general and for all BITians in particular. Book is written in Hinglish, mostly Hindi but some English. Book is available in Paperback and Kindle edition.

Modi is a blackmailer, murderer, monster, dictator, Kansh. He has compromised all institutions including media and judiciary. He has compromised all eminent citizens as well. Pegasus episode is enough reason for Modi’s resignation, besides so many other sins, he has committed.