On my facebook news feed there is a duplicate post from yesterday, which I didn’t post. I have already said that all of my login/password are being compromised by IB/NSA/CIA. Indirectly, this post is done on behalf of Modi. Its entirely possible that my login credentials of Facebook may be used to post some personal life material about me. If anything like this happens, PM MODI will be responsible for that.

Just in case, Any material of Nitish Kumar’s, personal life is made public, It will be because of illegal recording of Nitish ji, personal life, by IB using hidden camera. Modi will be responsible for any such attempt against Nitish ji. @NitishKumar

Modi has procured, material from Nitish’s personal life,by using hidden camera installed by IB. Now, Modi is blackmailing,Nitish. This is the reason,Nitish has to make statement that Nitish is not PM material. Also, this is the reason, Nitish is skipping 25th Sep rally in Jind.

Litti Group will work towards fighting global hunger. Detail of enterprises regarding this will be first discussed in core group. We may need co-operative agriculture, food processing entities and collaboration with Government world wide. More later.

PM Modi ji, having sleep less nights. I won’t allow a dictator to continue as PM , who has compromised all Institutions and eminent citizens. While I have a vision of boundery less world based on Sanatan Dharma, Modi is busy in converting India into Hindu Pakistani.

In USA, NSA is busy in spying citizens and buying, gagging, threatening or blackmailing them. Media is compromised as well. Scene is not very different from India. Deep State at work in both countries. Biden must come clean or resign.

An appeal to USA citizens, before you go to vote for 2022 Congress elections, ask your candidate about his/her view regarding Julian Assange, destabilizing world by CIA, Spying citizens using NSA and Deep state of USA.